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我一直用 VMware Workstation 帮助我在 Win10 环境中使用 Arch Linux.





ArchWiki 上提供了 一个方案,但是它不工作。


我找到 一篇文章 ,它介绍了一些比较巧妙的方法,可以把两种设置切割开来。

通常情況下,在 VMware Workstation 图形界面中设置偏好时,实现的唯一方法是打开“游戏鼠标”。但这种模式会使鼠标的速度变快,非常难以控制。这可一点都不舒服。

按照这个人的回答,只要修改虚拟机的 .vmx 文件就可以了。


VMware Employee

‎01-24-2018 12:31 PM

I don’t believe there is any UI for that, but you can hard-code the “Gaming Mouse” setting on a per-VM basis by setting config options in your vmx file. These will override the UI policy for gaming mouse, and can force the motion grab/ungrab support to be disabled.

The “mks.gamingMouse.policy” vmx-file entry will override the UI’s “Gaming Mouse” policy, and can be set to any of the following

# Equivalent to “Automatic” in the UI

mks.gamingMouse.policy = “dynamic”

# Equivalent to “Always” in the UI

mks.gamingMouse.policy = “gaming”

# Equivalent to “Never” in the UI

mks.gamingMouse.policy = “absolute”

# Doesn’t have a UI equivalent, but disables motion grab/ungrab while keeping the accelerated cursor (like “Never”)

mks.gamingMouse.policy = “absgaming”

# Doesn’t have a UI equivalent, but forces the unaccelerated mouse (like “Always”) without disabling motion grab/ungrab

mks.gamingMouse.policy = “relative”

So, if you turn motion grab/ungrab on in the UI, you can set the gaming mouse in each of your VMs with that setting to do what you want. Or if you have VMs that you still need to be able to toggle the “Gaming Mouse” state (ie for application compatibility) you can leave them with no extra config settings and the global UI “Gaming Mouse” state will keep working.

我只要给 .vmx file:

mks.gamingMouse.policy = "absgaming"

单个 .vmx 文件的设置将覆盖 VMware Workstation 的统一偏好。


我只好在每次脱离的时候麻烦地点击 Ctrl+Alt


我只找到这一个 解决方法.

This never worked for me using the vmware workstation interface, but you can do it using an HEX editor and modiyfing vmware.exe, so here’s how I did it on Workstation 11.

HxD is a good one for windows.

  • First, create a backup/copy of your vmware.exe file in program files.

  • Close vmware workstation.

  • Open HxD as an administrator and open vmware.exe.

  • Once the file is open, search for the ascii string (CTRL+F) To release. It should be between the offsets 0012A350 @ 0012A390.

  • Replace the following bytes by 00 (ascii null) or 2E (ascii .):

    @&!*@*@(msg.vmui.fullScreen.ungrab.tooltip)To release input, press %s

Caution! Do not delete any bytes, replace them. The file must stay the same size.